New Product: Ultra High Density Angled Slimline Panel

The FirstLight™ Ultra High Density (UHD) UltraSlim Angled Panel is designed to accommodate high density cabling in Data Centre and Telecommunication central office environments. It offers practical density with 144 LC ports in 1U. The shallow depth of the FirstLight™ UHD UltraSlim Panel makes it suitable for low depth copper racking systems and Telecommunications ODFs.


The angled front profile optimises front cable routing. Front and rear cable management provides a neat and tidy solution for managing incoming and exiting cables. The design utilises unique shuttered LC QUAD adaptors, allowing easy LC port access.

1U 19″ 144 fibre MPO/MTP UltraSlim Panel contains factory controlled and tested MPO/MTP – LC assemblies to deliver optical performance and reliability. Low loss MPO/MTP Elite® and LC Premium versions are offered featuring significantly improved insertion losses for demanding low power budget, high speed networks.

New Product: Fluke announce new product: OneTouch™ AT 10G Network Assistant


One button validation of network and data centre performance at 10 Gigabit rates.

Troubleshoot 10 Gigabit copper and fibre optic Ethernet network problems from client devices to cloud-hosted services and everything in between – even when you are not there. Troubleshoot persistent problems and validate network performance in real-time. Troubleshoot intermittent problems and assess performance over time with 24/7 automated testing and cloud-based trend analysis.

Ensure that newly installed or upgraded networks meet SLA objectives and are ready for new high-bandwidth applications by measuring end-to-end path performance. Measure throughput, frame loss, and jitter across wide and local area networks and within sites and data centres. Test at rates up to 10 Gbps over copper or fibre optic links when the OneTouch AT 10G tester is paired with an OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet. Test at rates up to 1 Gbps when the tester is paired with another OneTouch AT tester or a LinkRunner AT 2000 tester.

  • 10 Gigabit: built-in 100/1G/10G copper and 1G/10G fiber optic test ports for troubleshooting and performance measurement
  • All-in-one: a handheld tester combining infrastructure, network service and end-to-end path performance measurement in one tool
  • Accurate: create and save site-specific test profiles that emulate how client devices experience the network, including local, intranet and cloud-based services
  • Consistent: everyone on the team uses the same preconfigured test profiles to encourage standardization and best practices
  • Fast: all tests within a profile are run and graded automatically with the touch of a button, enabling identification of the most common problems in about a minute
  • Pre-deployment: measure end-to-end path performance prior to the deployment of new services or network infrastructure to assess network readiness
  • Post-deployment: measure end-to-end path performance to validate the performance of newly installed network infrastructure and critical network links within the LAN or data center
  • Independent: verify independently that service providers are meeting agreed upon service levels (SLAs) and maintaining QoS end-to-end
  • Trends: see how performance varies over time by uploading and viewing results in the cloud using the companion OneTouch AT Cloud Service


Discover more by downloading the datasheet: Datasheet_OneTouch™_AT_10G_Network_Assistant



News: Fluke Product Offer of the Month – Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit

Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits containing the best fiber optic cleaning tools to effectively remove the toughest contaminants in any fiber network. Dirt, dust and other contaminants are the enemies of
high-speed data transmission over optical fiber. Today’s network applications require more bandwidth than ever, making loss budgets tighter than ever. Hence, it is critical that all optical connections are free of contaminants to avoid having application performance issue. There are as many different cleaning techniques as there are fiber optic network technicians. While some techniques work some of the time, reliable and lasting performance of your fiber links require inspection and proper cleaning processes with every mating. Fluke Networks’ Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits contains the best fiber optic cleaning tools to effectively remove the toughest contaminants in any fiber network.
Main features
> Inspect every end-face first. If it is clean, then it can be inserted as is. Most likely, it has accumulated some form of contamination and needs to be cleaned right before insertion.
> Our Cleaning Kit supports all fiber connector types in datacenter and campus environments.
> Clean End Faces with the IBC 1.25mm or 2.5mm Cleaner or with IBC MPO Cleaner.
> Clean patch cords with a Cleaning Card or Cleaning Cube.
> For years isopropyl alcohol (IPA) was used to clean fiber end-faces, but now there are customized solvents that are far superior, such as Fluke Networks’ Fiber Optic Solvent Pen that precisely dispenses specially formulated fiber optic cleaning solution.


News: Fluke Product Offer of the Month – CableIQ Qualification Tester

A cable tester that gives even the most novice tech the vision to see what speeds existing cabling can support, quickly isolate cabling from network problems, and discover what is at the far end of any cable.
Do you want to reduce the pressure, close trouble tickets faster and save money? When troubleshooting your network infrastructure, you face many questions. Is the port active? Are the duplex settings matched? Is it a network problem or an Ethernet cable problem? Can the Ethernet cable support the required network bandwidth? CableIQ is the only Ethernet cable tester that can answer all these questions before trouble tickets are escalated to the next level reducing problem escalation by up to 30%.
Main features
> Know in 4 seconds whether a link, including patch cords, is qualified for voice, 10/100BASE-T, VoIP, or Gigabit.
> Provides detailed information on the nature and location of cabling performance faults such as crosstalk or large impedance changes.
> Discover mode shows you exactly what’s at the far end of any cable. At the switch, test each cable one at a time. You can quickly see whether the cable is open at the far end, or is connected to a PC – unused ports you can free up and redeploy.
> Intelligent wiremap test for length, shorts, split pairs, or opens and displays with an intuitive graphical interface where a fault is located.
> Document your findings.
> Fluke Networks Quality.


News: Fluke Product Offer of the Month – FiberInspector Pro

A fiber optic inspection scope with automated PASS/FAIL certification that allows you to inspect and certify fiber optic connector end-faces in 2 seconds so you can get the job done right the first time.  Did you know that most of the Fiber problems are due to Dirty/scratch connectors? FiberInspector Pro helps you to solve these issues by inspecting the fiber optic connector end-face and eliminating any contamination before insertion into a bulkhead or piece of equipment!

Main features
> Certify your fiber end-faces to industry standards – IEC 61300-3-35. Or if you prefer, you can manually grade your end-faces.
> FiberInspector Pro Automatically highlights defects found on fiber end-faces and provides Pass (green) and Fail (red) color coding per defect.
> Store both end-face images for Documentation/ Reporting.
> Works with LinkWare and LinkWare Live Reporting Software.
> Works with Versiv Certification Platform (Expandable to other certification testers).

Only during the month of April 2015, you can get 10% discount on the purchase of a Fluke Networks FiberInspector Pro. Contact sales today.


News: Fluke Product Offer of the Month – MicroScanner2 Cable Verifier

Make your VDV installation/maintenance jobs more efficient, reduce your test time and minimize technician errors with one easy to use cable verification tool for Active/Passive Testing, including PoE. Did you know communications technicians have to rule out a whole host of potential cable and service issues before determining the cause of a connection problem? Is there telephone voltage? What’s the polarity? Is there an Ethernet switch at the far end? Is PoE available? MicroScanner2 acknowledges this, giving them a faster, more comprehensive way to troubleshoot voice, data, and video (VDV) services.

Main features
> Displaying key test results – wiremap, pair lengths, distance to fault, cable ID, and far end device – all on one screen.
> Detect the presence of POTS voltage and verify polarity. Verify powered 10/100/1000 Ethernet switches at the far end. Or, confirm proper PoE voltage and pairs.
> Test telephone jacks, Ethernet jacks, and CATV outlets right out of the box.
> Locate Cable/Connections with Built-in IntelliTone digital and analog toning (Pro available separately).
> Fluke Networks Quality.

Only during the month of March 2015, you can get 10% discount on the purchase of a Fluke Networks MicroScanner2 Cable Verifier. Contact sales today or purchase online.


News: Free Fluke Fibre Testing Best Practices Pocket Guide


Following fiber-handling best practices will minimize costly installer or contractor callbacks, network technician troubleshooting time and unnecessary network downtime.

Whether you handle fiber on a regular basis or just occasionally, this Fiber Testing Best Practices Pocket Guide will serve as a useful tool to ensure you never miss a critical step during your fiber testing or troubleshooting.

Fill in the form and order yours for free today!

News: The World’s smallest and lightest active V-groove splicer, from Fujikura

Fujikura 21S-(2)

Fujikura Europe has launched the 21S, a new advanced FTTH splicer for single fibre which is the World’s smallest and lightest active V-groove model.

This high-end splicer, which features a moveable V-groove mechanism for active alignment to deliver improved splicing performance and consistent splicing results has been developed for applications in FTTX, Data Centre, LAN, and Access Networks.

The splicer sports a 4.7inch TFT colour LCD monitor and has a built in battery which enables 200 cycles of splice and tube-heating when fully charged and at 1.1kg it is extremely lightweight whilst measuring a tiny 120 x 189 x 71.3 mm.

Complimenting the active V-groove alignment mechanism, the 21S features accurate splice loss estimation and real-time arc calibration functions. Its typical splice time is nine seconds and its tube-heating time is 30 seconds.

To view the new 21S datasheet click here

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New Product: Optronics Test and Measurement catalogue


The new Optronics Test and Measurement catalogue is now available for download and features the following:

  • M310 Enterprise OTDR
  • M210 Multifunction Micro OTDR
  • OLS Series Light Sources
  • OPM5 Optical Power Meter
  • FiberTech FT-PM3 Optical Power Meter
  • FiberTech FT-LS20 Dual Laser Optical Light Source
  • CSS1-MM LED Source
  • MT Tracer
  • OTDR Launch Leads
  • DFS1 Digital FiberScope
  • TRM® 2.0 Test Results Manager
  • Optical Light Test Sets
  • OTDR Kits
  • Ultimate Optical Light Test Sets
  • Adaptors and Tips
  • OTDR Launch Leads
  • Test Reference Leads
  • Cleaning

Click here to download the catalogue.

Contact the sales team on 0870 121 9990 or via the Contact page for further information on the Optronics range.

New Product: PATCHMATE™ Cable Tracer & Continuity Tester


PATCHMATE is a Network Cable Tracer and Continuity Tester in one unit. What makes PATCHMATE unique, is that each kit is supplied with 12 remote Plugs as standard, with the option of purchasing additional plugs, allowing the user to test or trace as many cables as they wish.

With multiple PATCHMATE Plugs populating the Patch Panel, users can quickly trace the location of an unlimited number of unidentified network cables. As well as tracing cables, PATCHMATE also tests continuity between the data outlet and its corresponding port on the Patch Panel. By using the same method for tracing, the user can quickly test an unlimited number of ports simultaneously, saving valuable time and money on the job.

The 8 LED’s positioned on the rear of each PATCHMATE Plug gives visual confirmation of a pass, an open circuit, miss-wire or a reversed pair in a matter of seconds.

Available from Auriga at

Contact the sales team on 0870 121 9990 or via the Contact page for further information.