PLEASE NOTE: Equipment hire is only available without a deposit for existing established trading accounts. New accounts will need to provide a deposit and sign a rental agreement prior to the shipping of any rental equipment, please contact Dunasfern inc. Auriga directly for a quote.

Fibre Certification

Fluke DTX-MFM2  £60.00 £170.00  £POA
Multimode Fibre Modules. Dual Wavelength fibre certification modules for Fluke DTX-1800 or DTX-1200. SC interface      
Add a Fluke DTX 1800 +£70.00  +£185.00 £POA
Fluke DTX-SFM2 £80.00 £210.00 £POA
Singlemode Fibre Modules.  Dual wavelength fibre certification modules for Fluke Networks DTX-1800 or DTX- 1200. SC interface      
Add a Fluke DTX 1800 +£70.00 +£185.00 £POA
DTX-EFM2 £70.00 £190.00 £POA
Set of two DTX Encircled Flux Multimode Fiber Modules. Dual Wavelength. SC interface      
Add a Fluke DTX 1800 +£70.00 +£185.00 £POA
Fluke CFP-QUAD MOD £100.00 £250.00 £POA
CertiFiber Pro Quad OLTS modules (2 modules). Compatible with Versiv      
Fluke CFP-QUAD MOD + FI1000 End Face Inspection Probe £110.00 £275.00 £POA
CertiFiber Pro Quad OLTS modules (2 modules) + FI1000 End Face Inspection Probe. Compatible with Versiv      

OTDR Testing

EXFO FBK-503-SC £70.00 £195.00 £POA
MM & SM Light Source & Power Meter. 850/1300 nm and 1310/1550 nm on two ports, SC interface. Storage for 1000 data results, pass/fail thresholds and LED indicators      
Fluke DTX-OTDR £70.00 £195.00 £POA
MM & SM OTDR module for DTX-1800. SC interface. Not supplied with launch lead      
Add a Fluke DTX 1800 +£70.00 +£185.00 £POA
Optronics Quad OTDR £90.00 £240.00 £POA
Fully automatic MM & SM handheld OTDR. SC interface. Not supplied with launch lead      
Fluke OptiFiber Pro £110.00 £295.00 £POA
Touchscreen Multimode and Singlemode OTDR with smartphone user interface. Certify fibres in only 2 seconds      

Copper Testing

Fluke DSX-5000 £110.00 £295.00 £POA
Top of the range CAT5e/6/6A/7 Cable Analyzer. Includes permanent link      
Fluke DTX-1800 £95.00 £245.00 £POA
Industry leading Cat5e, Cat6 & CAT6a cable tester. Includes permanent link      
Fluke DTX-1200 £80.00 £205.00 £POA
CAT5e and CAT6 cable tester. Includes permanent link adapters      
 Linkrunner LRAT2000 Network Analyser Fluke Linkrunner LRAT2000 Network Analyser £49.00 £149.00 £POA
Quick and complete copper and fiber network connectivity testing      

Fusion Splicing

Optronics OPT- FSPL-KIT £90.00 £220.00 £POA
Fully automatic core aligning fusion splicer. Supplied with precision cleave tool      
 Fujikura FSM 70S/KIT Fujikura FSM-70S/KIT £110.00 £249.00 £POA
Fully automatic core aligning fusion splicer. Includes a CT30 Bench Mount Cleaver      
 Fujikura FSM 70S/KIT


£110.00 £249.00 £POA

Fujikura Core Alignment Fusion Splicer with CT-30A Cleave Tool - FSM-70SKIT – HIRE


Finance Packages

To extend your budget when buying expensive test equipment, Dunasfern inc. Auriga can offer many alternative financing packages. This gives you total flexibility to choose the financing option that works best for you. Whether you want to simply spread the cost over a few months or several years via hire purchase, or minimise the risks of a depreciating asset, maintenance, repair and disposal by using off balance sheet leasing solutions. Dunasfern inc. Auriga is confident it can find a financing alternative that suits you.

Our customers benefit from:

  • Pre-agreed facilities, providing ultimate flexibility and speed of response
  • Commitments to underwrite the future residual value of the item, offering a managed disposal and eliminating the risk of being locked into a particular product if your technology requirements change
  • Our team of experts are just a call away and happy to discuss your specific requirements with you

2nd User Equipment

Ongoing updating of our hire stock means that we occassionally have second user equipment available.

We fully refurbish these units and advertise them for sale when they become available.

Call our Test & Termination Sales team on 0870 121 9731 or email, to register your interest , and we’ll let you know when this equipment is available.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Book your unit and request Customer Hire T&Cs and Equipment Hire Form
  2. Read, sign and fax back
  3. You are ready to go!


NO total value invoicing! NO hassle!

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